What Working at Sky Road Is Like

Sky Road is at the forefront of the financial technology sector. Here you won’t merely be given instructions and expected to follow them (though we write computer programs, we don’t want you to be one)—you’ll be in the meeting room, marker in hand, thinking about how to best resolve client needs from the bottom up.

You’ll be standing next to highly-experienced team members with whom you’ll confer, debate, and even laugh (yes, you’ll laugh, trust us!). And don’t think you’ll be pigeonholed into one role. Sky Road employees are immersed in every aspect of the financial service industry, whether that be through their own learning or from the teachings of other team members.

Why Join Our Team

We are a pioneering financial technology software as a service (SaaS) provider.

Be a part of a company working at the heart of where capital markets and technology intersect.

Get broad exposure to a diverse set of market participants including hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, asset managers and banks.

Collaborate with highly experienced people from whom you’ll be able to learn.

Be part of a dynamic company where every client brings new challenges.

What We’re Looking For


The people that work here are always ready to learn–whether that be in terms of mastery of new technology or knowledge of the financial markets.


We’re looking for self-motivated women and men with a passion for both finance and technology. We want people who aren’t afraid to take on the responsibility of building and supporting products.


Sky Road employees form an eclectic group–we strive to cultivate an environment of diversity and of varied interests.

How to Apply

Sky Road is an equal opportunity employer—we want to foster an atmosphere of respect, happiness and equality among our employees. If you think that you’re a good candidate for one of our positions, use the link below to send your CV. Even if you don’t think our available positions are the right fit, send your CV anyway. It’s possible that the right position will become available.

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