Motion Platform

We assemble and tailor our Motion Platform to solve challenging problems in portfolio management, risk, and compliance.

  • Investment & Trade Management Solution

    For Complex Derivatives Strategies

    With deep capabilities in credit and fixed income, the Motion Platform includes key functionality to support any trade workflow:

    • Order management and portfolio management in a single platform
    • End to end derivatives trade processing support
    • Configurable rules for allocating complex trades across different fund structures
    • Asset coverage including loans, CLOs, MBS, bank debt and structured products
    • High volume trading environments requiring maximum and scalable throughput

Key Features

Core Building Blocks

Key components including OMS, security master, market data, portfolio analytics, and reporting. Learn more »

Multi-Asset Functionality

The Motion Platform supports a full range of asset classes for multi-strategy portfolios and complex financing structures. Learn more »

High Performance

The Motion Platform has been architected and benchmarked in high volume transaction environments.

Cloud Support

A custom solution hosted in the cloud that includes world-class operational support.

  • Motion Client

    Built to Suit Each Client

    We source components from the Motion Platform and combine them with extensions that are specific to your business to assemble your own unique instance of Motion.


Because we only deploy the functionality you use, you only pay for the functionality that you need. In addition, our outsourced support means you can find a cost structure that fits your business.

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