Your Software for ABS

Motion Platform

Cloud-enabled platform combines order and portfolio management for ABS strategies in a single platform.

Unifies key business functions:

  • Security Master

  • Trade OMS

  • Compliance

  • Portfolio Attributions & Reporting

  • Allocations

  • Customizable Workflow

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Motion for Fixed Income and Credit

Key Functionality

Multi-Vendor Security Master

  • Issuer, industry, and ratings data with custom bucketing

Allocations and Compliance

  • Combine industry standard and client designed compliance rules

  • Apply concentration limits

  • Set allocation thresholds and targets by fund and portfolio

Trade Capture

  • Centralized trade capture for foice and electronic with VCON integration

  • STP of trade activity to administrators and custodians


  • Repo processing and rolls

Performance and Strategy analysis

  • Real-time portfolio P&L and risk views

Your Platform. Your Way.

  • Assess business needs

  • Adapt Motion components to your needs

  • Assemble your unique Motion instance

  • Deploy your instance on our cloud or your destination

  • Support your instance as a managed service

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