Manage marketplace lending portfolios at scale

Automation and control for your high-volume 
marketplace lending portfolios

Connectivity to trading venues and service providers

Sky Road Motion is a cloud-enabled platform that enables alternative asset managers to electronically connect to trading venues and automate trade processing for their marketplace lending portfolios.

Key Components for Achieving Scale

Our Functionality

Robust Infrastructure

  • Employ Sky Road’s Motion Platform for high-volume loan portfolio management

  • Scale and extend Motion's ‘elastic’ proprietary technology to grow along with your trading volumes

Comprehensive Portfolio Management

  • Achieve native support of diverse marketplace lending asset class types

  • Aggregate, analyze, value and benchmark loan data across global lending platforms

  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party valuation providers

Streamlined Communications

  • Automate daily sending of loan portfolio information to back-office systems, fund administrators, custodians, and trustees in a straight-through fashion

Seamless Connectivity

  • Connect to loan origination platforms spanning geography and loan types

  • Maintain a unified order and trade management system

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

  • Enrich portfolio and risk views with meaningful, customizable performance attributes

  • View multi-period, time series analyses

  • Review advanced charting and pivot tables

  • Access convenient, secure reports via mobile devices

Your Platform. Your Way.

  • Assess business needs

  • Adapt Motion components to your needs

  • Assemble your unique Motion instance

  • Deploy your instance on our cloud or your destination

  • Support your instance as a managed service

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