Business Intelligence for Asset Managers

Visualize, explore and reveal valuable insights in your portfolios

  • Compelling visualizations

    • Point in time and time series analyses
    • Iterate rapidly between summary and holding level
    • Customized dashboards and alerts

    Bringing data together

    • Centralize disparate data sources into a single data warehouse repository
    • Third party data feeds including market data, valuation and admin sources
    • Consolidated warehouse for point in time and time series data
    • Extendable to include client specific data enrichment

Organized around business functions

Organized into Fund/Strategy specific and global portfolio views
Pre-defined dashboards geared to the user’s function and role:

C suite

Portfolio Manager




  • Access from any device

    • Cloud solution
    • Accessible via desktop or mobile
    • Security with two-factor authentication


Because we only deploy the functionality you use, you only pay for the functionality that you need. In addition, our outsourced support means you can find a cost structure that fits your business.

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